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The Honeycrisp apple is one of the prize apples from Sunrise Apple Orchard - it's the 'apple of our eye.'

The Honeycrisp Update

Check back frequently for important information on the honeycrisp apples - we want to keep you informed about it's growth, expected harvest, availability, and any other questions you may have about this prize apple. (While you wait patiently for the honeycrisp, check out our recipes for other varieties.)

A Honey of a Weekend

Everyone loves a tradition, so we started our annual festival in the fall, the Honey of a Weekend features our Honeycrisp apples. Approaching our sixth year, the Honey of a Weekend tradition lets us share the joys the apple orchard has provided for our family, our passion for apples, and our love of the Honeycrisp with you. We look forward to having you visit us for the celebration!!

Heritage of the Honeycrisp

The Honeycrisp is our prize apple, you could say the "apple of our eye". (Although we enjoy our other varieties also.) Honeycrisp was introduced in 1991. It is a hybrid cross of the Macoun and the Honeygold. The Honeycrisp apple is characterized by an extremely crisp and juicy texture. This is an apple that pleases all of the senses. It has excellent storage capabilities and the outstanding flavor and texture can be maintained for at least six months in refrigerated storage. The Honeycrisp harvest season is during September. If you would like to see Honeycrisp trees in bloom, you can often see them during the month of May along our ridge.