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The Honeycrisp apple is one of the prize apples from Sunrise Apple Orchard - it's the 'apple of our eye.'

The Honeycrisp Update

July 29, 2014
Fall is coming and we have a beautiful crop of all varieties. Keep watching for our 2014 opening date.

June 17, 2014
Spring has sprung and summer is only a couple of days away:-) We have a very nice crop of apples and the Honeycrisp are coming along perfectly. It has been a rainy and stormy week but so far we have lucked out and dodged the hail stones and the strong wind. Everything looks very nice at this time!

December 20, 2013

Closing tomorrow for the season and we are having a "HUGE HONEYCRISP BLOWOUT SALE"......open 9-3.

December 12, 2013

Believe it or not....we still have Honey Crisp apples available and they make a great holiday gift for that person on your list that is hard to buy for. Don't forget to stock up for yourself also!

November 10, 2103
A great supply of Honeycrisp apples and Honeycrisp cider available here at Sunrise. Time to stock up for the holidays and the winter season. Open daily 9am-4pm.

October 19, 2013
Honeycrisp..honeycrisp...honeycrisp galore and yes we do still have honeycrisp cider. And have you tried Ambrosia and Snow Sweet...they are available also at this time at Sunrise! Open daily 9-5.

October 12-13,2013
This weekend is "Family Fun Days" at Sunrise Orchards. A great time to bring the family and enjoy the nice fall weather. Sunshine and 60's are in the forecast and the pumpkins are free in the patch this weekend. A really great selection of Honeycrisp apples available. Hope to see you at the orchard this weekend.

October 7, 2013
Lots and Lots and Lots of Honeycrisp still available! A great time to make a trip to the orchard.

September 25, 2013
Lots and lots and even more Honeycrisp available at this time. A great selection of whatever you are looking for. Gays Mills Apple Festival is this weekend. Fall is in the air and a wonderful time to make a trip to the orchard. Let the "Festing Begin! And yes, we also have Honeycrisp Cider available!

September 21-22, 2013

Packing Honeycrisp this week like crazy getting ready for Honeycrisp weekend. A great selection of apples will be available along with honeycrisp cider. We will be using honeycrisp in our queen's apple and also at U-Pick it! A great weekend to plan a trip to the orchard.

September 12, 2013
HONEYCRISP at Sunrise on Saturday, September 14th!!!

September 11, 2013
We are ready for some nice cool weather here at Sunrise and it sounds like it is coming later this week. Taste testing done on the Honeycrisp this morning and they are ready to be harvested!! The plan at this time is that we will have them for sale here at the orchard on Saturday and they really taste great and are beautiful!! The wait is almost over....the Honeycrisp will be here in 4 days!

August 27, 2103
We are open for the season at Sunrise with a beautiful crop of apples!!! Honeycrisp are right on schedule with plans to have them for sale here at Sunrise on 9/21/13. They are really nice this year and the flavor should be superb! A great way to celebrate the first day of fall with a trip to Sunrise!

August 14, 2013
Opening the doors at Sunrise on Monday, August 19th. Varieties of apples available this early will be limited due to the late spring but will be well worth wait when you see the beautiful crop that we have! Flavor is going to be wonderful this year due to the cool spring and the great weather to grow a tasty apple!! Prediction at this time is that we will have Honeycrisp apples on 9/21 and Honeycrisp cider at that time also! Hope you are planning a fall trip to the orchard!

July 15, 2013
WOW...where has summer went. Hard to believe it is the 15th of July already. So happy to report that we have a beautiful apple crop here at Sunrise. All apples going to be a little later for harvest than last year due to the late spring bloom. Honeycrisp are beautiful at this time with great size. We also think that the spring weather we had will make for a very "delicious tasting" crop. Plans at this time are to open the doors here at Sunrise about 8/20. Honeycrisp should be here about 9/20....not a definite date at this time but will keep you posted as the time progresses. Have a great summer and see you this fall!

May 21, 2013
9000 new apple trees planted here at Sunrise and blossom time is over. Starting to see actual signs of a small apple already. A tasty fresh Sunrise apple this fall is getting closer everyday!

May 15, 2013
WOW...I think spring is here. We have had some really nice days here at Sunrise this week and because of that, the blossoms are really starting to make progress. My GUESS at this time is that we will be in full bloom either late this weekend or the early part of next week. Bees are here and ready to pollinate and the weather forecast sounds pretty nice for the weekend. Might be a good time to take a ride to the Gays Mills orchard ridge!

April 25, 2013
Spring is coming!!! Sounds like today could be our last colder day of the season and with the stronger April sun it is really pretty nice out there. Apple buds are really starting to show signs of "popping' and because of that we are thinking that we will be in the apple business for the 2013 season by the end of the weekend. This is a lot later than 2012 so our prayers have been answered and hopefully the cold temperatures will stay away until about next November. Enjoy the nice weather.

April 15, 2013
Happy Spring to all of our Sunrise customers!!!! We are probably the only people smiling over this unusual spring weather. We really like to see the spring season late as it is as last year was a nightmare for apple growers and the early spring and frost thereafter. Pruning is pretty much done here at the orchard and we are working on getting the pruned brush out of the orchard so that when spring does finally get here we are ready to roll with planting about 9000 trees this spring. A lot of odd jobs are being done as we wait for the spring to come and also getting some things planned for the fall season. With buds being set for the new crop, looks like we could have a really nice crop of apples here at Sunrise this year as everything wintered well and we are increasing our moisture supply. Hang in there...spring will eventually come and fall will be here before we know it:-)

February 26, 2013
Happy New Year to everyone!!! A great winter here at Sunrise with snow on the ground today and temperatures within the normal range. A much better late winter this 2012 than last when we were looking at temperatures way above normal and the trees thinking about waking up from winter to an extremely early spring. All indications at this time are looking at a great apple crop in 2013. Stay healthy and enjoy the snow! Please don't think spring yet...it is way too early!

November 27, 2012
The honeycrisp apples and honeycrisp cider are now sold out for the season. Thank you for your business and we will work and pray for a great crop of Honeycrisp in 2013!!!

November 16, 2012
Black Friday Special...We will have a limited supply of Honeycrisp apples for sale here at Sunrise on "Black Friday" (November 23). We save back for our giftbox shipments each season and we "over saved" a little this year. Open 9am-4pm daily.

November 8, 2012
Sold out of Honeycrisp apple cider for this season. Lots of regular Sunrise Cider available here at Sunrise. Cider sale going on at this time...$5 per gallon or 2/$9.

October 31, 2012
A great supply of Honeycrisp CIDER available at Sunrise!

October 14, 2012
I am sad to say that we are sold out of Honeycrisp apples. It was a great season for them and the taste was superb. We have lots of other varieties of apples for sale and will be open until December 22 but we are totally out of Honeycrisp until the 2013 apple season. We do still have Honeycrisp cider available and at this time supply is good on the cider.

October 13, 2012
Packing up more Honeycrisp this morning to sell in retail today. Please do not wait too long if you are wanting to get Honeycrisp apples as supply is limited!!
Family Fun Days at Sunrise today...much needed rain in the forecast so a good time to take a drive to the orchard.

October 10, 2012
We are temporarily sold out of honeycrisp apples. We will have a limited supply available on October 13, 2012.

October 6, 2012
A very limited supply of Honeycrisp apples left at Sunrise. If you are wanting Honeycrisp, please do not delay in making a trip to the orchard. Honeycrisp are going fast and the great supply that we had for 2012 will soon be exhausted.

October 5, 2012
Yes, we still have a great selection of Honeycrisp cider and Honeycrisp apples. The weather and the leaves sound great for this weekend so I am expecting that a lot of people will be out and about and purchasing the Honeycrisp. My thoughts at this time are that we will make it through the weekend but after that it might be the end of the Honeycrisp for 2012. I will do updates as the weekend progresses on availability of them.

September 30, 2012
September is almost gone and October is only a day away. A perfect time to make a trip to the orchard. Great selection of Honeycrisp apples and Honeycrisp cider available along with a bunch of other great items to eat and enjoy. Fall is a great time of the year for baking and enjoying apples. Time to enjoy the harvest and the great Honeycrisp apples that Sunrise grows. Leaf color is beautiful and the forecast sounds good for a trip to the orchard this week.

PUMPKIN SALE @ SUNRISE...Pick your own patch for family fun!! $1.00 for all sizes!!!!!!!

September 27, 2012
Let the "Festing" begin. Gays Mills Apple Festival this weekend. Lots of apples and many other tasty goodies along with Honeycrisp apples, Honeycrisp Cider, 70 degree weather in the forecast and beautiful fall foliage to view. A perfect time to make a trip to the orchard.

September 21, 2012
Lot of apples and cider this weekend with Honeycrisp apples and Honeycrisp Cider galore!!! This weekend is the Sunrise Health Fair..an "apple a day will keep the doctor away" so should be lots of fun for all. KNEI radio also doing a live broadcast show this weekend. Gays Mills Apple Festival is September 29-30.

September 16, 2012
A great weather weekend here at Sunrise. Lots of Honeycrisp apples still for sale here at the orchard. Sold out of Honeycrisp cider until late Friday afternoon. Sounds like fall weather is coming this week...a great time to make a trip to the orchard.

September 14, 2012
Lots of Honeycrisp apples and Honeycrisp cider available for sale here at Sunrise.

September 13, 2012
A great selection of Honeycrisp apples here at Sunrise. We have been sold out of Honeycrisp cider this week but will have more pressed and for sale this weekend. My thought at this time is that we will have Honeycrisp available for sale through the month of September. Might still have some for the first part of October but no guarantees on availability once we get into October. A good time to plan a trip to Sunrise.

September 9, 2012
Honeycrisp Galore today and Honeycrisp Apple Cider too!!! "Pick Your Own" Pumpkin Patch opens on Sunday, September 9th!!! Time to make a trip to Sunrise!

September 4, 2012
A great selection of Honeycrisp apples here for the week. Sold out of Honeycrisp Cider until Saturday and then the supply on the cider will be limited until later next week. The good news is there is no shortage of Honeycrisp apples at Sunrise.

September 3, 2012

A great selection of Honeycrisp here today along with Honeycrisp cider and many of your other favorite apple varieites. A good time to make a trip to the orchard. Sunrise is open 9am-5pm on Labor Day.

August 30, 2012
A beautiful crop of Honeycrisp this year at Sunrise!! Flavor is superb! Honeycrisp cider here this weekend. A great weekend to visit Sunrise...the Honeycrisp are ready!!!!!

August 23,2012
Honeycrisp are now for sale at Sunrise.....the first bag of the season just went on the table.

August 21, 2012
A surprise for those that keep an eye on our website.....we will have Honeycrisp for sale this weekend here at Sunrise. They are coming in a little earlier than I had originally thought. At this time we are planning on having Honeycrisp for sale on August 25th!!! We have a great supply so if you are not planning on coming to the orchard this soon, that is fine. My thoughts at this time is that we will have them through the month of September and many days into October also.

August 3, 2012
Honeycrisp look great here at Sunrise and they are going to be ready early this year. Mark your calendar...we will have Honeycrisp apples and Honeycrisp Cider for sale here at Sunrise this year on Labor Day Weekend!!!

July 13, 2012
Think rain and pray for rain....really dry at Sunrise but amazingly the crop still looks great. Opening for the season on August 11th. Not sure at this time when Honeycrisp apples will be ready for sale. Will keep you posted as the time progresses. We will hope for rain in your area too! See you next month.

June 26, 2012
Where does the time go...seems like I just posted on the HC update and when I look it was over a month ago. Our son was married last Friday, the apples are growing like crazy and it is summer...everything has been a whirlwind. Honeycrisp apples along with all of the other varieties look great at this time. We have a really nice crop and are very thankful that most of our orchard is irrigated as it is really dry in the Gays Mills area. Warm temperatures in the forecast for the next few days so that will make the apples grow ever faster. We have pictures posted on our Facebook page of the size of the apples right now. Hope you are starting to think about planning your fall trip to Sunrise. Enjoy the nice summer days and stay cool!!!

May 14, 2012

WOW....what a whirlwind of a spring here at Sunrise. Spring came early as did a lot worrying about frosty temperatures but we are happy to report that we have a GREAT CROP OF APPLES HERE AT SUNRISE!!! Apples are going to be a little bit earier this year due to the early spring and we will keep you posted on that as time progresses!!! Honeycrisp are about the size of a penny at this time. Keep checking for updates and Happy Spring!!! Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers that have gotten us through a very stressful spring!!!

March 28, 2012
Well April is almost here and everyone at Sunrise will be glad to see it!!! What a long and stressful month March has been with all of this warm weather coming so early. Things really happened early here at the orchard. The apple trees have leafed out and the buds are open and ready to start a new and delicious crop for us to have in the fall. Everything looks great right now and we are praying that the cold weather is done for this winter/spring. We are starting to see a little bit of apple blossom bloom and because of that the bees will be brought into the orchard on Saturday with a warm weekend in the forecast. We are ready for the bees to start doing their job!!! For those of you wanting to see apple blossoms with a drive through the orchard...still a little early but if the warm weather happens this weekend as predicted I think there will be some to see next week. Still a little too early to estimate the peak for all of this but will keep posting when we start to see more bloom appearing.
Hope everyone is getting a chance to enjoy the nice weather!!! Happy April to all!

March 14, 2012
Happy Spring to all....can you believe this weather? Not exactly what we would like to see here at the orchard but Mother Nature does not always listen. Temperatures have been in the 70's all week and they are predicting 80 degrees. We have not seen bud break yet but it could come soon and then that means that we are in the apple business for 2012!! At this time we are pruning, getting the brush from the pruning out of the orchard and thinking about new and exciting things for this fall. We hope you are enjoying your Honeycrisp apples, the longer days and the nice weather. Will keep you posted on what is happening at Sunrise!

February 28, 2012
Hi to all....things are going well as of this posting here at Sunrise. Not much snow here at Sunrise this winter and temperatures have been mild. Raining out as I am writing today. Pruning is going along very well and many are asking how this mild winter is affecting the trees. No problem here ...great weather for pruning as we did not even have to get out the snowshoes this year but then again it is only February. We are hoping for a cool March and then let the crop begin once we turn the calendar to April and May with spring very close in coming. We hope you have had a good winter thus far and that your honeycrisp supply has held up well. Enjoy the rest of the winter!

January 10, 2012
Happy New Year to Everyone....50 degrees here at Sunrise today!!! Feels like spring but I am sure we will pay for it later on. Even so the days are getting longer and once January is behind us winter always seems to be a lot easier!!
Hope you all are enjoying your winter supply of apples and cider!!

Check back frequently for important information on the honeycrisp apples - we want to keep you informed about it's growth, expected harvest, availability, and any other questions you may have about this prize apple. (While you wait patiently for the honeycrisp, check out our recipes for other varieties.)

A Honey of a Weekend

Everyone loves a tradition, so we started our annual festival in the fall, the Honey of a Weekend features our Honeycrisp apples. Approaching our sixth year, the Honey of a Weekend tradition lets us share the joys the apple orchard has provided for our family, our passion for apples, and our love of the Honeycrisp with you. We look forward to having you visit us for the celebration!!

Heritage of the Honeycrisp

The Honeycrisp is our prize apple, you could say the "apple of our eye". (Although we enjoy our other varieties also.) Honeycrisp was introduced in 1991. It is a hybrid cross of the Macoun and the Honeygold. The Honeycrisp apple is characterized by an extremely crisp and juicy texture. This is an apple that pleases all of the senses. It has excellent storage capabilities and the outstanding flavor and texture can be maintained for at least six months in refrigerated storage. The Honeycrisp harvest season is during September. If you would like to see Honeycrisp trees in bloom, you can often see them during the month of May along our ridge.